Apple’s 2015 profit accounted for 40% of Silicon Valley companies’

The new iPhone SE draws attention at the company's product launch event Monday, March 21, 2016, at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

It is reported that Apple ranked in the first place in SV150 list of 2016 that San Jose Mercury News made. This list followed the development of Silicon Valley companies.

Even though Apple’s revenue growth slows down a bit, its growth advantage is positive compared with Google parent company Alphabet. Apple’s 2015 revenue was three times as much as Alphabet’s.

IDC John Jackson claimed Apple still has advantages to explore more markets even though it faces much challenge. It has enrich products and services to back up.

The Q1 earnings reported that Apple released was beyond the expectation, however, its revenue, iPhone sales volume and other index are under expectation.

In 2015, its revenue reached $ 23.5 million which is quite equal to the total revenue of 41 companies listed in SV150. Those companies offered IT support to enterprises. Apple ranked top one for the first time in the consumption market concerning revenue.
Its revenue is also equal to the total revenue of 14 networking companies, including Google and Facebook.
It released the first generation iPhone in 2007 and reached 1 million sales volume in third season. Times commented on first generation iPhone the best annual invitation. Till 2009, Apple’s revenue increased a lot, ranking only second to HP.

With more new iPhone released and applications introduced to App Store, Apple’s revenue was getting close to Top one’s. In 2011, Apple ranked top one in SV150, with $128 billion revenue.

The total revenue growth among the companies of SV 150 was 6.8%, however, Apple reached a growth rate at 18%. In the meanwhile, Apple’s profit was close to $54 billion, increased by 20% yoy. It surprised that public that Apple’s profit growth in 2015 accounted for 40% among the companies in SV150 list.

At present, Apple’s market value is about $ 600 billion. It seem that it is still attractive to invest on Apple.


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