Apple’s iOS Global AD Impression Share Far Exceeds Android

According to the latest report released by ad-buying platform and mobile investigation agency – DSP Adfonic, Apple’s iOS will defeat Android again with absolute advantage, and becomes the world’s highest impression share platform in the third quarter of 2013. The iOS’s share is as high as 63%, which has rose 3% compared with the third quarter in last year.
Top platforms by impressions

Android is ranked as second which holds a share of 32%, only about half of the iOS.

And RIM (now renamed as BlackBerry), Windows Phone, Java, Symbian and other multiple mobile platforms need to contend for the remaining 5%. Besides, RIM holds a little bit more share compared with other platforms, which is at least a complete single digit about 3%. And the following Widows Phone only holds 0.9%.

manufacturer share of impressions
In addition, DSP Adfonic has carried each big mobile phone manufacturer on the global share of rankings. There is no doubt; Apple must be the No. 1 in the list, and its holdings of shares are extremely high at 63%. Samsung in second is at 20%. HTC and RIM came in the third place together.

From the point of equipment, the top three products come from Apple, which are iPhone, iPod and iPod. And each of them occupies share at 35%, 21% and 6% respectively. The best product of Samsung – Galaxy S3 only achieves a fourth place. The following are Galaxy S2, Ace, and S3 mini.

Finally, Apple’s iPhone and iPad severally become the best products in each separate area, which are mobile devices and tablets performance category. Their shares of the advertising impression are at 49% and 76% respectively.


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