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Time will tell us if iPhone sales increase

CNBC quoted from UBS latest report that iPhone sales will increase by 5% in 2017, and with about 20% increase in 2018.


The report of UBS assumed the sales volume of iPhone would be 222 million units in 2017, which is higher than the previous prediction. In addition, it predicted iPhone sales volume would increased to 264 million units in 2018, with an increase of 18%. This reported showed the upgrade increase offset the decline of new user growth.

UBS assumed it is a must for iPhone sales increase as it has a great amount of users and high permeability. It claimed iPhone doesn’t have problem in sales growth, the key is when its sales increase. Read more…


Simple Steps to Reset Network Adapter (Windows 10)


Some users encounter internet connection issues after upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10. They may be unable to connect to the Internet when the network adapters are not properly functioning. If you are stuck in the same issue but fail to troubleshoot it, the last resort try is to reset all networking devices to fix network connection issues for your Windows 10. Resetting network adapter means to roll back to its default settings, and you will need to set up the configurations afterwards. Well, there are two ways of resetting network adapter in Windows 10.

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Flash is banned by Apple Safari 10


The Flash technology of Adobe made a great hit ten years ago. Now it is being denounced by the public. It is reported that Apple Safari browser which runs on latest MacOS will ban Flash as well.

Apple is going to release Safari 10 for latest MacOS. The browser will block Flash plug-in by default.

If a website both support Flash and HTML 5 at the same time, Apple Safari 10 will use HTML 5 automatically. Users will find the website loading speed is fast and system won’t be slowed even though it runs Flash. Read more…


Apple’s 2015 profit accounted for 40% of Silicon Valley companies’

The new iPhone SE draws attention at the company's product launch event Monday, March 21, 2016, at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

It is reported that Apple ranked in the first place in SV150 list of 2016 that San Jose Mercury News made. This list followed the development of Silicon Valley companies.

Even though Apple’s revenue growth slows down a bit, its growth advantage is positive compared with Google parent company Alphabet. Apple’s 2015 revenue was three times as much as Alphabet’s.

IDC John Jackson claimed Apple still has advantages to explore more markets even though it faces much challenge. It has enrich products and services to back up.

The Q1 earnings reported that Apple released was beyond the expectation, however, its revenue, iPhone sales volume and other index are under expectation. Read more…


3 Tech Specialties with Rising Salaries – IT Salary Survey 2016


The financial news has been good for IT professionals. According to the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT employment grew 3.1% in 2015, and 44% of IT managers who participated in Computerworld’s 2016 IT  Salary Survey said they expect to expand their IT staffs this year.

Salaries are also increasing. But pay raises are higher in some IT disciplines than they are in others. “The competition for some niche skills is driving up salaries for those positions. In some areas for some skills there are rapid gains; in other areas the gains are more modest or flat,” says Time Herbert, senior vice president of research and market intelligence at the nonprofit trade organization CompTIA.  Read more…


Hulu plans to barge into film market to rival Netflix

Bloomberg quoted from the confirmed source that American video website Hulu followed its rivals Netflix and Amazon to barge into film market. It is going to purchase the film rights at this Sundance Film Festival.


If the news source is true, it means Hulu will provide its original film debut. It indicates Hulu carries out strategic shift.

To its consumers, Hulu’s value was from its TV programmes that is difference from Netflix and Amazon. However, such advantage might not last longer.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Hulu is now negotiating with Time Warner for importing its popular episodes to Hulu website. But Time Warner is considering the cooperation might affect the interest of its shareholders as it will lead to the loss of subscription.

If Hulu barges into the film market, it needs to purchase more original contents, such as movies and TV shows. Even though Hulu has its own original content, its quality and quantity can not compete with Netflix.

The confirmed source indicated that the film rights that Hulu purchases will be displayed at cinemas and on website. It is not sure whether they will be released on the same date.

Hulu made a deal with IFC Films last week, Hulu purchased several documentaries, inlcuding Weiner, King Georges and Cif of Gold.

By April, 2015, Hulu obtained 9 million subscribers. Besides Hulu, Netflix and Amazon will also purchase the film rights of popular movies at Sundance Film Festival.


Security is crucial to IoT market success


Growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) will be slowed or stunted if the industry fails to be proactive about data security, according to IoT Security Foundation.

Failure to get security right could stall the whole IoT market, according to the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF). Read more…


Microsoft’s Sway app will now save your hard work from deletion


Now users of Microsoft’s new Sway presentation app can rest easier knowing their work will not get accidentally deleted, thanks to a set of new features the company released Friday.

When users go and delete a Sway that they’re working on, it’s sent to the service’s Recycle Bin, where it can be recovered within 30 days, rather than disappearing forever right off the bat. It’s good news for users who put hours of work into creating presentations by using Sway, only to have them disappear in the blink of an eye when users clicked or tapped the wrong button. Read more…


Simple Steps to Boost your Mac’s Performance

Feel like your Mac runs slower than it used to be? Wonder what can you do to keep it at the peak performance? For many Mac novices they may not know how to optimize their laptops in daily life and subsequently some unnecessary issues arise to slow down the speed of OS X operating system. Here are some tips to speed up your Mac.

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Taking pictures with Microsoft Selfie—the newly launched Microsoft App

Microsoft is always connected with words like computer software, consumer electronics, personal services, office software as a multinational technology company. Each time when Microsoft come into my sight, it always reminds me of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and some applications usually used in my daily life. But if you thought that Microsoft Corporation mainly develop applications like Microsoft Office Suite, you were wrong. In fact the company specialize in various application building. Addition to office software, Microsoft launched an App called Microsoft Selfie, which enables users to take selfies carrying the similar function like YouCam, Facetune.

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