Control the Wheelchair with the Tongue

For those disabled people without limbs, it is so difficult to control the wheelchair on their own. In this regard, the scientists have come up with a solution. With the new system created by the scientists from the Georgia institute of technology, wearing a hole in the tongue together with the APP on the iPod, the handicapped will be able to control the wheelchair with their tongue.
In order to control the wheelchair, we have to put a tiny titanium barbell in the tongue, and the  headset with sensors is also required, it will be able to induct the magnetism from the titanium barbell. When the users rolled the barbell with their tongue, the APP will receive user’s mobile signals from the sensors. As the large headset seems too clumsy, the researchers are working on a new sensor which can set in the oral like the braces.

The advantage of this new system is that it is faster then any wheelchair operating system. Nowadays, the most common way is to push or strick, the disabled have to hit the barbell or control the wheelchair in a different way. The new system will be three times faster and more easier for users.


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