Flash is banned by Apple Safari 10


The Flash technology of Adobe made a great hit ten years ago. Now it is being denounced by the public. It is reported that Apple Safari browser which runs on latest MacOS will ban Flash as well.

Apple is going to release Safari 10 for latest MacOS. The browser will block Flash plug-in by default.

If a website both support Flash and HTML 5 at the same time, Apple Safari 10 will use HTML 5 automatically. Users will find the website loading speed is fast and system won’t be slowed even though it runs Flash.

As reported, a message pops up indicating” Flash is not installed” when users visit a website that runs Flash plug-in. If users click to download Flash, Apple Safari will show it has been installed. Users have to give authority to run Flash on those websites which support Flash.

Google Chrome attempted to ban Flash sharply, however, it made the flash more complicated to run on it instead completely banned it. Google claimed that other websites do not allow to run Flash by default except that ten websites in the world.

Flash has been criticized as its inefficiency. It lets pc and smartphones run slowly. Besides, it has a lots of security flaws and it fails to fix them due to the poor performance.

Flash was widely used in networking video and animation mode. With the popularity of smartphones and HTML 5, Flash lost the advantages. Some giants such as Google and Apple banned this technology made its situation even worse.


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