Homeland Security Moneypak Virus, How to Remove

Homeland Security Moneypak virus is regarded as perilous ransomware, which created by hijackers aimed at extorting fine from victimized users especially from those inexperienced ones. The Homeland Security Moneypak virus also refers to so called Homeland Security virus, publicly known locking victimized users out from accessing into Windows. Homeland Security Moneypak virus uses the disguise of enforcement agency to frighten victimized users and extort money from them according to some established bogus law articles. Homeland Security Moneypak virus displays a full screen of warning on the infectious system and alleges that “THIS COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED”, which warning utilized by hijackers to scare victimized users and make them been at loss what to do at first. The Homeland Security Moneypak virus locked page clearly points which one liberty that victimized users committed and demands them pay a ransom fine of $300 to unlock infectious system.

Homeland Security Moneypak virus requires victimized users pay the required fine within 48 hours otherwise they have to face a deprivation of liberty for several years. However, Homeland Security Moneypak virus’s makers never have a conscience, although you have paid a required fine reflected on the virus locked page, the victimized machine is still blocked. The Homeland Security Moneypak virus has no relation with any enforcement agency. Hijackers just exploit such tactic to lure victimized users into paying so that can acquire money. Moreover, the Homeland Security Moneypak virus must exploit system vulnerabilities to compromise the victimized computer completely, and under such situation can they steal confidential data without any distraction. Privacy configurations, log-in credentials, Credit Card numbers, and any other beneficial information must be at high-risk of theft. The victimized machine must be increasingly vulnerable once Homeland Security Moneypak virus left on the infectious machine long enough without a fix.

Note: It is highly recommended victimized users remove such Homeland Security Moneypak virus from the infectious machine as quick as possible in case of incredible damage including system corruption and confidential data theft. To completely remove such Homeland Security Moneypak virus, you can use VilmaTech Online Services – The Global PC Support Center.

How to Remove Homeland Security Moneypak Virus

1. The first step is to bypass the Homeland Security Moneypak virus blocked page. You have to boot the infectious machine into Safe Mode with Networking. Shut down the blocked computer now. After is finishes, reboot computer but before Windows launches on, press F8 key constantly to reveal out Windows Advanced options.
2. From the Windows Advanced Boot options, you need press arrows key to highlight safe mode with networking and press enter key. After Windows loading files, you can reach the desktop.

3. Now you need search and delete the Homeland Security Moneypak virus files and registry entries. Get the local disks opened by double clicking My Computer icon on the desktop. Access to the local disks, you need delete malicious files related with the Homeland Security Moneypak virus there. To completely remove the Homeland Security Moneypak virus files, you should show hidden files first.
4. Click the start button and open control panel. Choose Folder options and open it. Click View tab from the pop-up window. Check show hidden files, folders, and drivers. Uncheck hide protected operating system files. And then click Ok to put all changes in effect.

5. Open registry editor and search the Homeland Security Moneypak virus there. You then need delete all detective entries related with the Homeland Security Moneypak virus there.

6. Reboot computer.

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