How to Remove Windows Web Watchdog, Latest Rogueware Removal Guide

What Is Windows Web Watchdog

Windows Web Watchdog has been reported as rogue antivirus program. This fake security program can sneak into target computers of Windows operating system. Windows Web Watchdog usually gets into users’ computer without any permission and automatically runs in the background. Windows Web Watchdog pretends to be legitimate antivirus with a similar graphical interface and structure to normal antivirus, so users easily trust it as Microsoft Windows security product.
However, Windows Web Watchdog is made up by fraudsters to cover its malicious traits. It give users unreliable system scan results, listing virus, Trojan and other malware detected in computer system. It also reminds users that some errors cause block of firewall and computer has been infected with high-risk malware in order to trick users to pay for its ultimate protection. Windows Web Watchdog can’t give users real protection from cyber threat but lead to some pc running problems and bring about other viruses. In case of being removed off, Windows Web Watchdog is able to modify the registry to block running of other security programs in computer and interfere with the access to some related antivirus websites. Since it changes the settings, computer is under a poor defense against threats. Meanwhile, the useless antivirus takes available system resources, which will slow down the running speed gradually.
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How to Remove Windows Web Watchdog Manually

Step One: Reboot Computer on Safe Mode with Networking

Windows xp/vista/7:

Firstly, you need to reboot computer. Before the computer enters Windows, keep tab F8 key repeatedly. When you enter Advanced Options screen, use arrow key to highlight “safe mode with notworking”, and press Enter. Then computer will start automatically with safe mode.

Windows 8:

Press Alt+Del+Ctrl together and then choose Task Manager. Then press Shift key and click on “shut down”. Navigate to the Troubleshoot then choose Advanced Options. Next, select Windows Startup Settings and then click on Restart. In the next screen, tab F5 to choose “enable safe mode with networking” then it will restart automatically.

Step Two: Show Hidden Files

Windows xp/vista/7:

Access to Control Panel and choose Folder Options. In the showing window, choose View tab and highlight “Show hidden files and folders” items. Click OK to save change. Then access to local disk and get rid of the files related to Windows Web Watchdog.

Windows 8:

Access to Start screen and choose File Explorer. In the showing window, choose File tab and check “hidden items” and “file name extensions”. Then access to local disk and get rid of the files related to Windows Web Watchdog.
%system%\[random characters].dll
%Documents and Settings%\[User name]\Desktop\[random name].exe
C:\Users\Stuart\AppData\Local\Temp\[random names].exe

Step Three: Stop Windows Web Watchdog Process

Press Del+Alt+Del together and then choose task Manager. Then choose Process/Details tab. Then, select process of Windows Web Watchdog and click on End Process/End Task button to stop running process.

Step Four: Remove Windows Web Watchdog Registry

Open Run Command Box by holding Windows + R together. Then type in “regedit” to open Registry Editor. In the showing window, unfold the HKEY and locate at the registries about Windows Web Watchdog. Delete the keys and values.


Windows Web Watchdog is recognized as severe computer threats which disguises as regular antivirus. Users have no idea how and when it enters into their computers for the cunning Windows Web Watchdog usually hide its malicious code. Windows Web Watchdog can be spread by malicious websites containing Trojan and virus. It also can be bundled with freeware from third party and install into computer with the installation registry. Besides, it can be propagated by spam emails. So, users need to be pay attention to the possible ways that cause Windows Web Watchdog infection and then take precautions. Users should not keep Windows Web Watchdog in computer and believe its bogus protection system, for all it designed is for scam. Once your computer gets this infection, it would not crash down immediately, but it will face a lot of pc trouble later. It is advisable to uninstall Windows Web Watchdog as soon as possible before it makes further damage to your computer.

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