Kernel32.dll Error – How to Fix Kernel32.dll Error Message?

Are you looking for a specific solution about how to fix the kernel32.dll error on your computer? I f you are quite familiar with the Windows system and system files you can fix kernel32.dll yourself easily. It would not be so tough to be fixed manually. After you read this post, you probably will have clear idea on fixing this error message.

kernel32.dll is an important system file of the Windows. If the kernel32.dll file has been damaged then your computer would absolutely run unstable and keep popping up error message all the time when trying to use it. The kernel requests in windows are handled by a file known as kernel32.dll. This is a DLL file which is automatically opened when you boot up your computer. Any problems with the kernel32.dll file will result in kernel32.dll problems.


You might get a message like:

“(Program name) caused an invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll”

“Error in Kernel32.dll”

This type of error may also appear when windows starts, when you open a program, or at any time when you use your computer. This is very annoying when you are working and the program crashes. You might lose some important data in the process and also your precious time.

These are some proven steps that you should do to fix Kernel32 dll error:
If the error always appears when you are using a certain program, you can try reinstall that program. This may do the trick.
Did you use hardware acceleration or overclock? If yes, turning them of may fix kernel32 dll error.
You could also reinstall windows. This usually fix kernel32 dll error but they might come back to haunt you. Reinstalling windows and all the programs also take too much time.

There are many common causes of kernel32.dll problems, these include:

Computer is overheating
Computer has wrong settings in the bios
There are missing DLL files on your computer
There are corrupt files on your computer
You have over clocked your computer
There is a damaged registry
The hard drive is faulty
Password Lists becoming damaged
Swap file damage

How to Fix Kernel32.dll Error?

1. If you encountered a “invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll” error message when you are using a single program, you could uninstall or reinstall the program in your compute to fix this problem.

2. If are worried that the the file is infected by virus, spyware or Trojan, run a full virus scan to spot and remove the infection.

3. If the kernel32.dll is reported by random programs, check your memory to see if it is damaged.

4. Insert the Windows installation CD to repair your operating system. It could help you repair damage or missing files in your PC.


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