Pinterest Releases Place Pins to Help Plan Trips

A new product called “Place Pins” has been lately released by Pinterest aiming to help its users (which is commonly known as pinners) to “explore” and share the things around them.

With the adoption of Foursquare’s location API (accurate position indicator), Mapbox’s map technology, the new set of tool enables pinners to obtain visual guide with map, images, and relevant information to the pins pinners add onto a new board based on location.

The heart of “Place Pins” is to “inspire you to go out and do things”, thus it can be expected to be used both online and on mobile, allowing pinners who are already on the go to keep track of places.

As to the new ways to plan trips, according to its CEO Ben Silbermann, will be introduced by the company before long.
Pinterest’s “Place Pins” was released not long after a huge new funding round which brings in $225 million in the wake of Now-Trending tool, personalized pin recommendations, and price alters, which puts it under speculation that the provision of discounts or other incentives will be the next step, though there’s no mention of monetization plans so far.


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