Security is crucial to IoT market success


Growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) will be slowed or stunted if the industry fails to be proactive about data security, according to IoT Security Foundation.

Failure to get security right could stall the whole IoT market, according to the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF).

To aid the adoption of IoT, the international, non-profit, supplier-neutral foundation is looking to engage with IoT industry stakeholders to promote IT security excellence.

A co-ordinated response to security

The foundation is currently at about 50 members from around world, just 3 months after the official launch. It is looking to recruit many more members to mount a co-ordinated response to the size and scope of the security challenges to the nascent IoT industry, beginning with technology providers.

“We need to marshal a cohesive response across the stakeholder groups, including technology providers, network providers, service providers and eventually organisations that are going to acquire IoT systems to improve efficiency and enable services,” said Moor.

Building a bigger picture

In 2016, the foundation aims to produce its first best practice guidelines aimed at addressing the emerging threats to IoT security.

Allied to that, the foundation is working to “build the big picture” by understanding what IoT security and privacy looks like each sector.

Raising awareness

Another key initiative for the foundation is developing a system for enabling some sort of self-certification.

“We recognize that all of the answers do not exist just now, but we believe it is important to develop a process that ensure we get to those answers. A big part of that will be engaging with the community to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of the issues,” he said.

IoT Security Foundation holds meeting

The IoT Security Foundation believes that it will be easier to address security risks up front than try to repair things later, and aims to address the confusion around IoT security by informing businesses and helping them to make good choices.

“Any organisation is welcome to join the debates on patching IoT devices, developing self-certification mechanisms and promoting responsible disclosure of security risks,” said Moor.


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