Skincare Tips for Women in Autumn/Winter

We should be clear that the skin during the autumn/winter time is super easy to be dry and rough, and the work of skin care is indispensable in these seasons, especially for women. In winter, according to the decrease of water content in air, the moisture of the skin cutin layer will also be plummeted. It will cause your dry skin to be fragile than ever before, and even lead to the formation of wrinkles. Hence, the importance of winter skin protection is palpable and we need to pay attention about the process of skin care in deed. The key points of skin protection are quite different, depending on the detailed type of your skin. Thus, the skin care precautions we should notice are diverse based on which skin type you are.

Practical skincare tips on four skin types

1. Dry skin: Choose a facial cleanser that equipped with superior moisturizing quality. When you wash your face, the movement should be as soft as you can for the sake of avoiding doing worse harm to your damaged skin. Moreover, do not wash your face frequently; it is enough to wash your face only two times when the morning and night.


2. Neutral skin. Pay attention to daily facial cleaning, you should do a deep-seated facial mask at least one time every week, to keep the natural luster of your skin. Besides, you can apply a few day cream every day to keep the moisture of skin. Take note of daily care, it can prevent the skin from altering into a mixed or dry skin.


3. Oily skin. Oily skin can be washed frequently in order to keep dry and clean. It’s better to choose the skin care products which are rich in water content. If so, it can help you to balance the excess oil on your face. When you wash your face, you can utilize hotter water at first so as to expand the pores. And then, wash your face again with moderate water; it is capable of assisting to clean up the dirt existed on your face effectively.


4. Mixed skin. It is unfavorable to apply cream on the T part of face. T part on your face is available to have a deep clean protection and can be applied the facial mask that has the function of tightening pores for the purpose of controlling the excess oil.



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