Supercell acquires 51% share of Frogmind for $ 7.8 million

It is reported that Supercell acquires 51% share of Frogmind. They are both Finland enterprises. The well-known mobile game released by Frogmind is Badland. Supercell paid about $7.8 million to obtain 51% share of Frogmind.


Johannes Vuorinen,who is co-founder of Frogmind, feels this acquisition can help Frogmind and Supercell establish long-term business relationship.

Supercell released Clash of Clans and its 84% share was acquired by Tencent for $ 10.2 million months ago.

It indicates that Supercell attempts to jump out of the exisiting game scale and develop diversified policies by investing other mobile game companies.

Frogmind was established in 2012 for releasing the best games. It released the first edition of Badland in April, 2013 which made a hit.

Vuorinen stated on the blog:” The success of Badland encouraged us to build an independent Studio so that we could deal with other business at the same time. We slowed down our developing pace as we only hired top talents. We hope our team members can work independent.”

Frogmind released paid Badland 2 in the summer of 2015. The downloads of Badland two editions reached 45 million times. Frogmind is exploring the free business mode that it spent 18 months to launch, modify or abandon the original products to introduce the real excellent one to consumers. It is developing three free games now. Supercell may give it a favor so that Frogmind can release these games next year.

Frogmind will still run as an independent studio after the acquisition. Though Tencent controls the majority share of Supercell, Supercell is still an independently operated company. There are only 12 employees working for Frogmind. Supercell will give Frogmind suggestions as developer instead of publisher in the near future.

Frogmind will designate 3-5 employees to charge the business when it launch new games. Supercell has been communicating with many game developing teams in the past years, it found Frogmind is the first suitable enterprise as Frogmind has high quality demands on products and works as small team to
launch games.


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