The most profitable online celebrity: PewDiePie earns $15 million in 2016

Forbes magazine released the most profitable YouTube online celebrities list of this year. PewDiePie ranked in No.1. He obtained 50 million subscribers and earned $15 million of pretax income in 2016.


This is the second year that Forbes made this most profitable YouTube online celebrities list. PewDiePie becomes the most popular and profitable online celebrity for second time. His individual pretax income is $ 3 million more than next year’s.

Their income data are calculated with how much they earned in a year by June. The statistics are from Nielson, IMDb, agents, attorneys and interviews of celebrities themselves.

One of top 10 celebrities called Markiplier obtained 15.7 subscribers in a year and he ranked in top 7. Among top 10 celebrities, 6 of them were ranked in this list. It seemed to be stable development among celebrities

The No.2 most profitable celebrity went to Roman Atwood which contributed to his video attraction. His pretax income increased by 70% yoy. While Rhett&Link obtained half of income in 2015 by contributing to ads.

Ad is the most direct and basic means of attracting fans on social networking platforms. Snapchat, Facebook, Weibo and Wechat and other platforms can turn their fans’ attention to ad click and purchasing power by obtaining fans through personal accounts.

For example, Scott Disick obtained 13.3 million subscribers on Instagram, each of promotion expense through his account is about $1.5to $2.

YouTube is also exploring new business sections to obtain more profits, including publish books, albums, sign manufacturing companies, run online stores and create its own brands. Michelle Pan established IPsy beauty makeup brand in 2011 and became No.7 most profitable online celebrity last year. Entrepreneur reported that IPsy has $ 120 million sales volume each year.

Rosanna Pansino published cookbook, selling $18 each with 120,000 books. PieDiePie also published his sayings called This Book Loves You. It sold 112,000 books.

PieDiePie also promoted mobile games and run online garment store to make more profit. He cooperated with game publisher to launch two games: PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist and Tuber Simulator. These two games shortly ranked top ones at App Store.

PewDiePie earned more $3 million this year by owing to the dividens of YouTube Red and the sales of This Book Loves You. Each book sells $8. YouTube Red filmed a short playet of Scare PewDiePie which became one of the newest content that YouTube Red promoted.

YouTube established a customized company to train online celebrities. It launched an independent app for PewDiePie as well. Facebook announced in June that it would spend $50 million to attract more people to do live broadcast.


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