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What Are Digital Currencies? Many people don’t know about them, correct? What I’m asking is how many people around you know about the digital currency. share the experience? I’ve been having some friends who ask me about digital currency, even though they don’t even have a related wallet or know what it is about. I will try to explain them what it’s all about but none actually end up caring, since it won’t make them much money short-term. At any given time, hundreds of digital currencies trade actively. Let’s discuss a few of them.

digital currency

1)Bitcoin – Bitcoin is the first, most used and well-known digital currency. The currency was introduced by alias Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Many reputable companies now accept Bitcoin payments.
Now this bitcoin is again booming because of its price, so many people know the name of bitcoin but they do not know what it is bitcoin actually.
2)Litecoin – Litecoin is another digital currency and similar to Bitcoin. It is based on a Peer-to-Peer system with advancement on the technical front. The coin made improvements on the transition time. With Bitcoin, it takes about 10 minutes to finalize, but with Litecoin it takes only 2.5 minutes.
3)Ethereum – Ethereum was introduced in 2015, and it made some crucial improvement to bitcoins basic architecture. Currently, Ethereum is one of the hot digital currencies. Many ICO projects are based on Ethereum, you can learn more about them on ICOHoo.com.
4)Dogecoin – One of the newcomers in the digital currency market is dogecoin. It takes about only a minute to make a transaction with dogecoin. Some analysts are saying, as Bitcoin is getting out of reach of ordinary people, the growth
opportunity for dogecoin is increasing.

Now i think you may know about what are digital currencies, digital currencies don’t mean only Bitcoin, there are still more digital currencies, but you need to study more to really understand what they are. At ICOHoo.com, there are many important information and latest news that are related to digital currency.


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