Windows Security Booster Virus, How to Remove Rogueware

What Is Windows Security Booster

Windows Security Booster is regarded as malicious rogue security program, distributed by cyber scammers over the cyber world to trick money from those innocent victimized computer users. The Windows Security Booster program also refers to the so-called fake anti-spyware due to its using disguise of a anti-virus program’s features and similar graphics. Windows Security Booster fake security program comes on targeted user’s computer by self running an established bogus scanner. It will inform victimized users that their computer are in high-risk of damage due to a lot of security threats have been detected. Besides that, the Windows Security Booster fake anti-spyware still pops-up a series of errors to threaten victimized users. As doing so will the Windows Security Booster persuade targeted computer users into purchasing a non-existent full version of the software. You can refer to the screenshot of the Windows Security Booster fake program as following.

Windows Security Booster fake anti-spyware aims at tricking money and stealing confidential data from innocent victimized users. This fake program can bring our incredible damage once left on the infectious computer alone without a fix. The Windows Security Booster fake anti-spyware can constantly exploits system vulnerabilities to make the infectious computer totally vulnerable for more malware such as Trojan virus, worms, or ransomware. And done with that, the Windows Security Booster virus can open a backdoor for letting hijackers access to the victimized computer to completely take over it. Once the hijackers accessed in, all confidential data including log-in credentials, online transaction data, banking data and more must be at high-risk of theft. Additionally, the infectious PC performance must be degraded to the minimum. All programs installed on the infectious machine must be disabled by Windows Security Booster fake anti-spyware completely.

Tips: Refer to the Windows Security Booster fake anti-spyware removal, wrote by Erik V. Miller.

How to Remove the Windows Security Booster Virus Completely

1. If the infected computer shuts down now, start up your computer (Power On) and as your computer is booting up, press the “F8” key before the Window logo appears. Highlight Safe mode with networking by pressing arrow keys on the keyboard. And then Windows is loading files and desktop shows on. This step can help you enable all programs on infectious PC.

2. When you reach the desktop, click the Start menu and go to control panel. You then choose Uninstall a program or add/remove program (according to the Windows OS). For Windows XP user should select the option Add/Remove Programs option.

3. From the next page you should scroll down and choose the program called Windows Security Booster, click uninstall option or remove option separately. And then click “Yes” to continue removing the fake program from the infectious computer completely.
4. It will bring you at the page Windows Security Booster Uninstaller options. You need click Uninstall button or Remove button again there.
5. Next just need follow the pop-up wizard to get the Windows Security Booster virus uninstalled completely from your computer.
6. You then need go to local disks and registry editor to clean out all leftovers about the Windows Security Booster virus. Double click My Computer icon from the desktop and open local disks there. And you can press Win+ R and fufill regedit in run box to get the Registry Editor revealed out.

7. Reboot computer to put all changes in effect.

How to Make a System Restore on Infectious PC


Windows Security Booster fake antispyware should be removed from the infectious computer as quick as possible otherwise victimized users have to face abundance damage between system corruption and economic loss. The solitary goal for Windows Security Booster virus is to acquire money. To accomplish this goal, the Windows Security Booster fake security program will take over the Internet browser on the infectious computer. All Internet settings and defaults such as homepage, startups, or search engine must be altered and overlapped with malicious things or pop-ups. Therefore, the Windows Security Booster fake antispyware needs to be fixed completely. To completely remove the Windows Security Booster fake anti-virus program from infectious computer is the key to secure your computer and stop hijackers or scammers acquiring more and more confidential information from the victimized machine.


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