Is App Uninstaller Legit? App Uninstaller Review

Is App Uninstaller Legit? App Uninstaller Review

Is App Uninstaller Legit? App Uninstaller by is The Best Mac Uninstaller

App Uninstaller is the app removal utility developed by, a Texas-based repair shop and Mac app developer. Favorited by IT professionals and review portals like the Mac Uninstaller review site, App Uninstaller is the best Mac app uninstaller, beating other competitors in all rating scores. It is the go-to Mac uninstaller for anyone to get their devices run as the best as it should. The unique one-time cost is very welcome in the time of higher inflation.

Real-world Testing with App Uninstaller

In this review below, you’ll find an in-depth analysis of the best Mac Uninstaller around. App Uninstaller is super powerful, lightning-fast, and comes with generous money-back guarantees and one-time charge for unlimited lifetime use.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall MAMP

MAMP PRO is the classic local environment application MAMP on Mac computers. Designed for professional web developers and programmers to easily install and manage their own development environments. The initials of MAMP represent Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Mac systems。 MAMP includes an Apache server, a PHP installation suite, and a MySQL installation suite. The necessary components for a website can be installed with a simple click. Through the simple setting of the visual interface, you can set up your own website on the Apple computer, which is such a simple and happy thing. Same with XAMPP under Windows and LAMP under Linux. All are integrated environments for Apache + Mysql + PHP.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall Principle

Principle is an interaction design tool created by former Apple engineers, which can create a prototype with a full interactive animation in five minutes, and can generate videos or gifs of interactive animations to social platforms such as Dribbble and Twitter. In addition, Principle supports prototyping in a variety of sizes, including the Apple Watch. Principle is a newly developed interaction design software. Compared with Pixate, it is easier to get started, the interface is similar to Sketch and other drawing software, the idea is a bit like using Keynote to do animation, more “visual”. It was found that condition-related interactions are not currently possible, such as “Skip to the next page when A’s Scroll Release position is greater than a certain value”.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall Filmag Screen

Filmage Screen is a professional screen recording and video editing application, which integrates the best screen recording, professional video editing, fast video format conversion in one, is a one-stop solution for processing videos. Filmage Screen’s interface is simple and easy to use. You can record Mac screen by customizing the recording area or specifying the window, and record iOS screen with WIFI or USB. 1080P, 4K HD recording, accurately capture every frame of motion on the screen! Record your own gameplay videos, web tutorials, daily life and much more with one click. In addition, the editing function supports adding subtitle effects, adding text, pictures, graphics, hand-drawn, music and other materials, and supporting voiceover recording. With Filmage Screen Pro, export your videos to any video format without watermark, and support video batch conversion. You can convert any video to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, more than 30 formats to export the video as animated GIF! You can open videos in multiple formats, and the full format of the video playback allows you to watch any video you want.

Easy to operate video recording

– Create video tutorials, game tutorials, or video demos etc. by recording Mac screens
– Full Screen Recording: Record screen activity at full screen or select any size, including recording all tracks of mouse cursor movements
– Window Recording: Records a specified window that captures all activity in that window even if it is overshadowed
– Record iOS Screen: Record iOS screen via WiFi/USB mirror
– Before recording, create videos of different sizes by selecting 1080P/720P/360P screen resolution to achieve the effect of compressing video files
– Quickly export recorded videos to MP4, animated GIF (GIF Maker) and other formats
– Record using the system’s built-in microphone, computer sound, or audio input device. Unlimited recording time

Professional video editing suite

– Edit videos with a complete editing suite for faster and easier editing
– Edit videos with basic editing tools: text, shapes, sketches, music, clips, redo, undo
– Professional editing tools: Use narration (voice-over) and dynamic subtitle effects to create your own short videos
– Customize the content/color/size/position of the text to create personalized subtitles and protect video copyright
– Mute with one click, eliminate the original sound of the video, you can easily change the background music of the video
– Export videos to MOV, M4V, MKV, AVI, WMV and more than 30 kinds of videos without watermark

All-round video converter

– Convert any video file to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV and 30+ others
– Convert videos to iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or ProRes for further editing
– Support for recording video files directly from your iOS device
– Batch convert multiple files to the same or different formats
– Quickly convert HD videos without any quality loss
– Customize the output folder to save the output files

Media player
– Support playback of all video formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, F4V, F4B and more than 1000 other formats
– Process all kinds of 4K/1080P/720P HD videos for further editing operations

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall SketchUp

SketchUp is a set of design tools directly oriented to the design program creation process, its creation process can not only fully express the designer’s ideas and fully meet the needs of instant communication with customers, it enables designers to directly on the computer for very intuitive ideas, is an excellent tool for the creation of three-dimensional architectural design solutions. SketchUp is an extremely popular and easy-to-use 3D design software that the official website likens to the “pencil” in electronic design. Its main selling point is that it is easy to use and everyone can get started quickly. And users can output 3D models created with SketchUp directly to Google Earth, which is very cool! @Last Software, founded in 2000, is smaller but known for SketchUp.
– The unique and concise interface can be mastered by designers in a short period of time.
– It has a wide range of applications and can be applied in the fields of architecture, planning, gardening, landscape, interior and industrial design.
– With the convenient push and pull function, designers can easily generate 3D geometry through a single graphic, without the need for complex 3D modeling.
– Quickly generate profiles at any location, so that designers have a clear understanding of the internal structure of the building, can freely generate two-dimensional profile drawings and quickly import AutoCAD for processing.
– Used in combination with AutoCAD, Revit, 3DMAX, PIRANESI and other software, quickly import and export DWG, DXF, JPG, 3DS format files, realize the perfect combination of scheme conception, renderings and construction drawings, while providing plug-ins with design tools such as AutoCAD and ARCHICAD.
– It comes with a large number of doors, windows, columns, furniture and other component libraries and material libraries required for building texture edges.
– Easily create a video animation of the solution demonstration to express the designer’s creative ideas in all aspects.
– There are different display modes such as draft, line draft, perspective, rendering, etc
– Pinpoint shadows and sunlight so designers can perform shadow and daylight analysis in real time based on the area and time of the building.
– Dimensioning space dimensions and text is easy to make, and the dimension section is always geared toward the designer.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall Slidepad

Slidepad helps us to set up a window on the side of the system for us to use, through which we can quickly place your favorite web applications and websites, and then switch between them with just one click. It even supports notifications and allows you to define sound settings for each app or website. Slidepad for iPad-style slideshows for web applications. No hassle of window switching. Unlike other similar apps, there are no limits to what is on Slidepad. You can type any keyword, URL, just like you would in a common browser.

The iPad slides through the window
By sliding in and out, Slidepad brings iPad-style multitasking to your Mac. Using Slidepad is as simple as using the Dock.

A simple sidebar that switches
between apps Slidepad borrows from Franz and Station’s sidebar concept. It’s smoother than labels, and it can help you switch between different web apps quickly.

The multibox allows you to open any website, tutorial or PDF Unlike
other similar apps, there are no restrictions on what is on the slidepad. You can type any keyword, URL, just like you would in a common browser.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall SnapMotion

SnapMotion can quickly capture pictures in videos, and supports batch processing, supports export to GIF and other formats, which is simple and easy to use. SnapMotion is the most innovative and used tool in the field of extracting images from video. This app allows users to extract image frames from video precisely and losslessly.

– Manual mode allows you to extract images precisely at a specific time.
Batch mode allows you to extract thousands of images at the same time.
– SnapMotion is designed to support large video files like 4K movies and extract every frame of image from the media when necessary. This app can play all video formats natively supported by macOS. Moreover, it can export images to industry-standard formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and HEIC.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall Separation Studio

Separation Studio is a tool with CMYK color separations, you don’t need any other software to separate your graphic colors, just open your image file with Separation Studio and the rest is done. Separation Studio for Mac can open JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF files. Support images up to 3000×3000 pixels. Just use Separation Studio to open your graphic artwork and let it work fast. After separation, C, M, Y and K colors can be saved as separate files of the desired shape and size.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall Transmit

Transmit is a full-featured FTP client. Compatible with FTP, SFTP and TLS/SSL protocols, providing faster access to iDisk accounts than Finder. At the same time, users can also edit documents in real time without downloading them in any application through Transmit, which is convenient and concise, in one step. Transmit is a full-featured FTP client. Compatible with FTP, SFTP and TLS/SSL protocols, providing faster access to iDisk accounts than Finder. At the same time, users can also edit documents in real time without downloading them in any application through Transmit, which is convenient and concise, in one step. In addition, users can also connect multiple places at the same time through Transmit’s tagging system, easily and quickly obtain catalogs and use a variety of functions. Of course, Transmit also offers features such as packaged downloads, synchronizing Mac computers or server and server transfers, so if you need such a utility, give it a try! You’ll love it.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio is one of the best free management software for databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Valentina DB and SQLite. It has a schema editor, data editor, SQL editor, query builder, etc., so you can easily manage the database.

Use App Uninstaller to Uninstall VideoDuke

VideoDuke supports video files in all popular formats in website video download, which can be saved in various file formats. Just paste the link into the app and you’re done. Use VideoDuke to click to download any video you like! Just paste the link into it and VideoDuke will do the rest. In simple mode, you can quickly access music videos, movies, TV shows, as well as comics offered by Dailymotion, and much more. The downloaded files can be saved as 3GP, MP4, M4V, FLV video formats and can be saved in preferred resolution, supported by resolutions 360p, HD 720p, HD 1080p or others. In VideoDuke’s advanced mode, you can get more deep options when downloading content. For instance, you can see all the resources you get from a web page, including video, audio, flash animation, images, etc. Switch to the desired tab to see the types of files you need to download.

The Verdict

Our hands-on testing above shows that App Uninstaller by is the best Mac uninstaller and our top recommendation as an essential tool to keep your device in good shape.