Osx Uninstaller 2024 and Other App Releases

Osx Uninstaller 2024 and Other App Releases

Osx Uninstaller has been our top-rated Mac uninstaller for years, beating others with the best combination of thorough app removal, fast and reliable scanning, world-class customer support and affordable one-time pricing models. The latest version, Osx Uninstaller 2024, has been released with a fresh interface and improved application removal workflows. All existing users can upgrade to this latest version for free. You can download it from the official website: OsxUninstaller.com, where you can also get the new version launch offer for lifetime licenses.

ActionMate: making the action buttons on new phones work better

ActionMate, a new app from the Cuto team, was recently released for the iPhone 15 Pro series in September, and Apple has replaced the traditional volume buttons with action buttons, which can be used to quickly call up the system, camera, focus mode, flashlight, voice memo, translator, amplifier, accessory functions, and shortcut commands. Camera, Focus Mode, Flashlight, Voice Memo, Translate, Amplifier, Accessibility, and Quick Commands.

The shortcut commands make the action buttons full of infinite possibilities. One of ActionMate’s features focuses on the action button scenarios, including five actions: recognizing volume changes, detecting device gestures, checking whether the current device is locked, getting device orientation, and playing sound effects, which make the functions more concise and clearer.

ActionMate provides examples for each of the five shortcut command actions, which can be added directly to the shortcut command app by clicking the “Add to Shortcut Command” button. If you want to create your own shortcut commands for the action buttons, you can click the plus button in the upper right corner of the shortcut command app, then click “Add Action”, switch to the “App” tab, and then find ActionMate, and then you can see the 5 actions. It’s worth mentioning here that the ActionMate recognizes volume changes, because it can be used with the volume keys to trigger three different actions very conveniently, which is a feature that competing Actions don’t have.

ActionMate is currently available as a free download from the App Store, and the three actions – Get Device Orientation, Check Device Gesture, and Check Device Locked – include all of the Actions-related action buttons, and can be used directly by free users. If you want to use the two special features of recognizing volume changes and playing sound effects.

Smartspacer: The widget that gives you Pixel info at a glance style

Pixel users should be familiar with the Info List widget. Similar to “Live Messages” on iOS, Info List takes up a whole line at the top of the home screen by default, and displays some news closely related to the current time, such as weather, reminder, order, delivery and so on, in the form of text and information. However, the information source of the information list function is mainly Google services and overseas applications, in fact, the practicality of the domestic is quite limited. Smartspacer, which was unveiled last week and comes from the developer of the well-known customized launcher PixelLauncherMods, has done two things in one go: letting non-Pixel users use the desktop widget in the style of Info List, and at the same time, making the usability of the Info List component greatly enhanced.

Smartspacer consists of three main components: targets, complications, and plugins. Objects are pages with different types of information, add-ons complement object pages with additional information, and extensions provide access to information from third-party apps and services throughout Smartspacer. Even without installing any extensions by default, Smartspacer allows us to add a large number of target pages, including calendar schedules, date information, weather, greetings, playing music, app-specific notifications, etc., which makes the information-at-a-glance widget on the home screen even more useful. As for the “plugin” feature, Smartspacer currently includes 21 plugins, including one that connects to the Health Connect platform to display health data such as heart rate and step counts, one that connects to Uber to view driver location and trip status, one that tracks the status of orders placed on Amazon, one that tracks the number of real-time subscribers to a specific YouTube blogger, and even one that integrates with Tasker to directly embrace the infinite possibilities of the app. You can even integrate with Tasker to embrace the possibilities.

Overall, non-Pixel users can use Smartspacer to experience a more usable dashboard widget, while Google Pixel and some Smartspace-compatible models can integrate it directly with the built-in dashboard widget for a more native experience – just turn on Enhanced Mode. -Simply turn on Enhanced Mode. In non-enhanced mode, Smartspacer can be used without rooting and with a Shizuku license. Smartspacer also has full Chinese language support. You can download Smartspacer for free on GitHub.

Daaay: A Pleasing Countdown Day

I’m really hypersensitive to days like anniversaries, and in the past I used to remind myself by recording them on my calendar. But the timeliness of the calendar’s notifications is so low that I still forget even a day in advance. I often feel guilty to my girlfriend and friends for this, so anniversary apps are a necessity for me. There are a lot of countdown apps on the market, but most of them are very homogenized – blank backgrounds, customized badges, big numbers. After using them too much, my enthusiasm for checking out countdown day or anniversary widgets gets dulled.

Daaay is one of the apps that I’m still using even after I’ve used so many anniversary apps. Unlike traditional countdown day apps that have big numbers on the page, Daaay doesn’t focus on the numbers, but rather on the magazines that fit the theme of the day. Birthdays, anniversaries, countdowns, and other life moments have matching pictorial themes, and users can customize them for their own special anniversaries. Some of these features require a subscription, though.

Daaay is very traditional in the way it sets up countdown days and anniversaries. It’s very simple to set up, inputting the start date, setting the repeat action, and whether or not to count the start date are all the same as other apps. At the same time, we can group countdown days and anniversaries, so that we can find the events we need to know clearly and quickly when viewing.

In the recommendations we can find a number of countdown events and styles. The styles correspond to posters with different themes and the events correspond to the preset events you want to use. Preset events can be customized to modify their content, which simply means that they give the user a template on which to customize.

On the desktop, we can also set up widgets that allow us to quickly view events without opening the app. The medium-sized widget lists three user-defined events, while the small-sized widget displays the events along with a pictorial, which is nice for desktop decoration.

GitMind: Let Artificial Intelligence Assist You in Thinking

Thinking like a spring, we can use the mind map to summarize our flash ideas, this method is far more direct and clear than a simple text description, and we have seen a lot of mind mapping tools. These mind mapping tools allow fragmented ideas to form a panoramic picture with logical relationships through secondary processing of ideas, but very often “brainstorming” based on ideas is not a small need.

So is there any tool that can summarize and analyze the fragmented ideas, and finally output summary information to facilitate the efficient organization of our ideas?

GitMind, a mind mapping service, recently added an AI-based information summarization and organization tool, “Inspiration Flow”, which is perfect for quickly summarizing fragmented information during brainstorming. For example, if I need to summarize the notes of a book, I can open Inspiration Flow and create a discussion topic for this time, and then choose the “flow time” – we need to add as many highlights of the book as possible within this timeframe, and these ideas can be completely fragmented, improvised, or just something you find impressive. find impressive.

Once you’ve added more than 10 inspirations, you can click on ‘All Inspirations’, and then click on ‘Intelligent Analysis’ in the bottom right corner to have the AI analyze them intelligently.

After a moment, we can see the report of the intelligent analysis, which will summarize the analysis of the previously added inspirations and summarize the high-frequency keywords, and you can also see the percentage of these keywords as well as the corresponding descriptions and interpretations.

The final result will output a guide map, click on the generated guide map link to see the final information summarized by the above keywords to present the effect. Although compared to the manual summary of the guide map is still a gap, but can play a role in brainstorming to quickly organize and summarize information.

In addition to the new AI-based feature “Inspiration Flow”, GitMind also retains the traditional design and creation of guide maps, compared with other mind mapping tools, GitMind’s advantage lies in the creation and editing capabilities of the whole platform (you can even edit directly on the web without downloading and installing their client). If you want to get a mind mapping app that is easy to use and record your ideas at any time, you may want to try GitMind.