Holiday Shopping Guide: The Best App Deals

Holiday Shopping Guide: The Best App Deals

Affinity V2
In fact, for Affinity, a creative design software developer, the biggest problem with a buyout system rather than a subscription system is the low willingness of users to pay again. After all, commercial software is also to survive, in order to continue to survive innovation, the launch of a new version and let the old users to pay for it is not normal.

For existing users, if you upgrade from v1 to v2, there is no upgrade package, no different from buying new. So to stimulate consumption and near to holiday, Affinity is offering a 60% discount on the new version, which is still a version buyout, and adding a universal license for all Affinity apps on all platforms compared to the previous generation, originally priced at $169.99, this time at $99.99 for all Affinity v2 apps on Windows, Mac or iPad. In addition to the universal license, if you just want to buy a specific app, you can do so as well, and this offer also applies to the purchase of a single Windows or Mac app, also at a 60% discount. This year Affinity launched Affinity Publisher for iPadOS, in other words all its design tools have achieved full desktop and mobile coverage, so if you want to do page design or layout on iPadOS, take advantage of this discount and give it a try.

Pixelmator Pro
Pretty good image processing tool for Mac, and in the next version will also add video editing features. It is having 50% off discount during the holiday promotion.

Softorino, an independent developer, has released a lot of quality software for the macOS platform, such as WALTR PRO, an iTunes replacement app, iRingg, an iPhone ringtone maker, and more. For $2.92/month, you can get 11 apps from Softorino (with 4 more coming soon), and some of them support the Windows platform, which is quite friendly for Windows desktop users with iOS devices.

Unclutter Software Suite
In order to promote their own Unclutter, this year’s holiday season Unclutter continues to play the software package offer, combined with 12 well-known applications on the Mac to engage in the same bundle sale (also support to buy a single application), and this time the quality of the bundled software are quite good, many are Setapp on the well-received applications (such as iStat Menus 6, Downie 4, RapidWeaver……), but the price is much more cost-effective, the original price of $406, directly to $84.

BundleHunt store this year, as promised, launched a promotional package for Mac devices, providing 56 applications for our choice, we can pick some frequently used applications and then buy the package, plus $3.5 at checkout can be unlocked, compared to the original price alone is a lot cheaper. For example, MOUNTAIN DUCK original price of $39, the same bundle for $8, even if you add 3.5 dollars to buy alone is cheaper than the original price, or quite a good deal.

Parallels Desktop 18
If you have a strong need to run Windows 11 on your Mac, then Parallels Desktop is still your first choice at this time. Parallels Desktop is offering a 25% discount this year, but since the original price has gone up considerably this year, the current discounted price is basically the same as last year’s original price, so it is advisable to order carefully after choosing a good version, as it will get more expensive every year after all.

Craft is a very useful and efficient online document service, you can use it to create those beautiful and clear documents and share or collaborate with others, this year Craft also launched a subscription offer, buy any version of the subscription, enter the HAPPYBD coupon code at checkout to enjoy 50% discount. According to Craft, the discount is a permanent discount (recurring discount), and subsequent renewals will enjoy the same 50% off $30 price.

As usual, Readdle, a long-standing development team, has brought its holiday promotion campaign, in which you can enjoy a 50% discount on your first annual subscription with PDF Expert 3; new users can also try Scanner Pro Plus for free for three months. For all users, the free trial period for Documents Plus has now been extended to 3 months. The offer is valid until December 2.

Tower, the comprehensive visual Git tool, is offering a special deal this year, with both the basic and premium subscriptions priced at 50% off the original price, so if you’re using Git to manage your code, Tower is probably one of the most pleasant tools to use.

Flexibits promotion
Flexbits, which produces Fantastical and Cardhop, two highly acclaimed efficiency tools, has released its first Flexibits Premium annual subscription discount this year, offering 50% off an annual subscription or 50% off the first month of purchase for monthly subscribers. The promotion will run until November 30. Flexbits also said in advance that it will increase the subscription price starting January 3, 2023, so if you’re a heavy Fantastical and Cardhop user, buying an annual subscription now is the best deal.

ScreenFlow, the high-quality video editing software for the Mac, is also offering a full 20% discount this year. In addition to the app itself, the Super Bundle includes a one-year subscription to the Stock Media Library, which includes photo, video, and audio content.

Although there have been many security issues, there is no denying that third-party password management like LastPass is still a relatively safe option. This year’s holiday promotion, LassPass is also offering a 25% discount on Premium subscriptions, $3.19 off the monthly fee for the Personal plan and $4.13 off the monthly fee for the Family edition (which supports up to six users). This may be a good choice for those of you who need to manage passwords across different platforms.

All products of the knowledge management tool DEVONthink, including DEVONthink, DEVONthink To Go and related e-book products, are still offered at a 25% discount this year. The campaign runs until 9:00 on November 29th and can be purchased on the official website or App Store.

Indie Friday
In addition to the apps you see above, there are actually a lot of independent developers and small teams developing quality Apple platform apps that also offer special deals this year, and Jordi Bruin, also a developer, has created a special website for these apps that offer special deals.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Enjoy a 60% discount (40% off) on the All Apps subscription in Adobe Creative Cloud. This campaign is only open to first-time subscribers to the All Apps package, plus 86% off photography plans. The offer will expire on November 26th, local time in participating regions.

Inoreader, a famous content subscription tool, has brought its usual offer of one year subscription and six months free, although the form is similar to last year’s, but since Inoreader’s subscription fee increases every year, you will find an interesting phenomenon: if you bought the offer last year and didn’t cancel your subscription, you can renew it at the old price if you don’t participate in this event; but if you participate in this event, then the next subscription will be Considering that Inoreader’s subscription price has been adjusted several times in the past two years, it seems to be a better choice for old users to keep the original subscription price.

If you have your own local AV library, then using Plex for management is your best choice. This holiday season, the Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription offer comes as promised, enter the promo code FANFRIDAY22 at the time of payment to get $30 off.