UninstallService 2023 is available to upgrade for all UninstallService.com users

UninstallService 2023 is available to upgrade for all UninstallService.com users

UninstallService is an impressive and one of the most cost-effective app removal solution for desktop Windows and Mac computers. It is lightweight yet powerful to get the removal job done without any hassle. The new upgraded UninstallService 2023 offers removal capability for more than 10,000 new apps, including some of these apps below.


Quicker is an efficiency tool for the Windows platform, developed by an independent developer, whose logic is similar to that of the software launcher, but with more in-depth functionality based on shortcuts. The highlight of Quicker is that you can write your own actions through visual programming, and the official shared library is full of interesting actions, making it a shortcut command for Windows. Quicker has been developed at a rapid pace, and its features have evolved to become stable. Now that Quicker is in its official 1.0 release, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Quicker in detail.

When faced with a new efficiency tool, many people may be confused about what Quicker can do. So what can Quicker do? The “Batch Dissolve Folders” shown here would have taken a lot of time and effort to do, but with Quicker you can do it in one click. These shortcuts are the beauty of Quicker, the Swiss Army knife for Windows users. Everyone can reduce the complexity and repetition of work with pre-defined actions. It’s easy to achieve the desired effect even if you don’t have any coding skills.

The main body of Quicker is designed to be very simple, with many functions and windows hidden behind the software. Let’s start with the simplest ones, starting with the main panel and the trigger method.

Quicker’s main panel
The main panel is divided into two parts: the global panel area and the contextual panel area.

Global panel area: This is the upper 3×4 area where the global action panel will be displayed in any case.

Contextual panel area: This is the 4×4 area in the lower half of the window. The global actions panel changes automatically depending on the current window. For example, if I trigger Quicker in Chrome, then the General Actions panel will show the Chrome-related actions.

With such a design, it is possible to use both global and contextual actions. The global panel can be used to open software and switch panels. The contextual panel can be customized for a particular software.

The number of cells in both areas is fixed, and each cell of the panel can hold one action. If the 12/16 grid doesn’t fit, you can tap the ☰ button on the left side of the middle waist bar to enter the panel management interface and click Add Panel to add a panel, which is somewhat similar to adding a screen to your phone’s home screen. The added screen can be switched between pages by mouse wheel. Many improvements have been made to the panel management features in version 1.0. Folders in earlier versions have become multiple panels without secondary directories (if upgrading from version 0.11.* or earlier, you will need to process the upgrade). You can reorder, modify actions, attach generic actions, etc. for panels in the admin page.


Downie is an old and powerful video downloader that supports over 1000 streaming sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Bilibili and Youku, both at home and abroad, and is sure to meet your needs. Simply copy the link to the web page where you want to download the video into Downie, and Downie will automatically parse the video from the link and start downloading it. Of course, you can also drag and drop the URL link of a video page directly into Downie to quickly create a download job. If you have multiple videos to download, just press Command + O and paste in the links to the videos you want to download and you’re ready to download them in batches. The most intuitive way to use Downie to download videos from the web is through the browser plugin, just click on the Downie browser plugin icon on the video page and you can create a video download task with one click.

Of course, you may want to download a movie on a whim, and you can use Downie’s search function to search for videos related to that movie to download. If you don’t know what to watch, you can also check Downie’s download charts here, and you may find a video you want to watch. Although it is a professional video downloader, Downie can do much more than that. By parsing the files contained in the links, it can also help you download files in DMG, ZIP, RAR and other formats from the web. It can be used to solve some occasional needs. In addition to just downloading videos, Downie also lets you customize the download options for your videos. If you need to download videos in MP4 format for use in iTunes, or just need background sound for your videos, Downie’s post-processing capabilities can help you do that.

UninstallService 2023 is available to download and upgrade for all UninstallService users without any cost. You can simply download the latest version from https://uninstallservice.com, or click the upgrade button on the UninstallService Windows & Mac uninstallers’ interface.