Homeland Security Moneypak Virus, How to Remove

Homeland Security Moneypak virus is regarded as perilous ransomware, which created by hijackers aimed at extorting fine from victimized users especially from those inexperienced ones. The Homeland Security Moneypak virus also refers to so called Homeland Security virus, publicly known locking victimized users out from accessing into Windows. Homeland Security Moneypak virus uses the disguise of enforcement agency to frighten victimized users and extort money from them according to some established bogus law articles. Homeland Security Moneypak virus displays a full screen of warning on the infectious system and alleges that “THIS COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED”, which warning utilized by hijackers to scare victimized users and make them been at loss what to do at first. The Homeland Security Moneypak virus locked page clearly points which one liberty that victimized users committed and demands them pay a ransom fine of $300 to unlock infectious system.
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How to Fix Digital Camera Driver Errors, Driver Problems Troubleshooting

Information about Digital Camera Driver

Digital camera driver is a specific device that maintains the communication between computer and other external digital camera devices. By installing a digital camera driver on a computer, users are able to watch photos, videos or other data online at liberty. By default, a digital camera driver is equipped with a built in card reader option and a storage capacity that can be used for libraries. Users can also store or convert photo images to CD or other removal disk through connecting the digital camera driver to the computer. It is certain that there are various types of digital camera drivers which are designed for almost modern of computers and digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, or Panasonic. There is no doubt that users need to install the correct digital camera driver in order to view photo images on the connected computer or transfer photos from digital camera to the computer. Read more…


How Do I Roll Back a Driver in Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8

In computing, a device driver plays a crucial role to enable operating system and other computer programs to work well. A driver such as graphic card driver, memory card reader driver and more typically communicates with the device in computer and is responsible for acting as translator between a hardware device and the applications or system that uses it. Once drivers installed on computer attacked by virus or outdated, users have to face a myriad of troubles such as popped-up errors read driver not funding in Windows, driver not working in Windows, or driver didn’t install on computer successfully. And user loses ability to get their driver worked normally. Read more…


Keyboard Stops Working, Troubleshoot Windows Keyboard Driver Problem?

Non-responding Keyboard

In some cases, keyboard stops working. Some encounter non-responding keyboard after BSoD while some in the middle of the normal operation with green light going off. There are generally several reasons to contribute to a non-responding keyboard, let’s take a glance:
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How to Remove Windows Web Watchdog, Latest Rogueware Removal Guide

What Is Windows Web Watchdog

Windows Web Watchdog has been reported as rogue antivirus program. This fake security program can sneak into target computers of Windows operating system. Windows Web Watchdog usually gets into users’ computer without any permission and automatically runs in the background. Windows Web Watchdog pretends to be legitimate antivirus with a similar graphical interface and structure to normal antivirus, so users easily trust it as Microsoft Windows security product. Read more…


Windows Security Booster Virus, How to Remove Rogueware

What Is Windows Security Booster

Windows Security Booster is regarded as malicious rogue security program, distributed by cyber scammers over the cyber world to trick money from those innocent victimized computer users. The Windows Security Booster program also refers to the so-called fake anti-spyware due to its using disguise of a anti-virus program’s features and similar graphics. Windows Security Booster fake security program comes on targeted user’s computer by self running an established bogus scanner. It will inform victimized users that their computer are in high-risk of damage due to a lot of security threats have been detected. Besides that, the Windows Security Booster fake anti-spyware still pops-up a series of errors to threaten victimized users. As doing so will the Windows Security Booster persuade targeted computer users into purchasing a non-existent full version of the software. You can refer to the screenshot of the Windows Security Booster fake program as following.

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Control the Wheelchair with the Tongue

For those disabled people without limbs, it is so difficult to control the wheelchair on their own. In this regard, the scientists have come up with a solution. With the new system created by the scientists from the Georgia institute of technology, wearing a hole in the tongue together with the APP on the iPod, the handicapped will be able to control the wheelchair with their tongue. Read more…


Coolwebsearch.com Redirect Virus – Remove Cool Websearch Browser Hijacker

Coolwebsearch.com is a malicious website which will hijack your web browser and modify the default settings of the home page on your computer. If you have visited the Coolwebsearch.com then your PC probably has been infected by the virus. This kind of virus will redirect you to the home page of Cool Websearch and show you fake search results when you try to search for some specific products. All of the links it displays for you are commercial. Every time you open the web browser you will receive great numbers of advertisements pops-up on the PC screen. Remember that you had better do not click on the links in the search result because they might be high risky website. If you visit the website showed by the Cool Websearch you would get more PC threats on your computer. Most of the ads content was related to commodity sales promotion, showing up with flashing words or pictures in order to attract the ignorant users then induce them to click on the ads links and visit the corresponding websites.
The coolwebsearch.com was created as an advertising platform for advertisers to promote goods and services so that it could make a profit from them. All the add-ons of Cool Websearch should be cleaned up immediately if you have installed any previously because the publishers of this browser hijacker will steal your Internet surfing habit and monitor every steps you behavior on the website. If you shop online then you perhaps will lose the credit card passwords and other account information. Also the hijackers even can control your computer remotely to achieve their illegal purpose if you keep the add-ons of this redirect virus on the PC system.

Coolwebsearch.com redirect virus can be removed manually. Of course, some users would like to use the PC security software to terminate and delete this browser hijacker however, some of the anti-virus programs are unable to completely remove the malicious registry entries added by the Cool Web Search. If you want to get rid of the browser hijacker and restore your computer to the previous state then you should remove everything brought by this virus and reset your web browser settings. Juts follow the removal instructions as below to completely clean out the annoying redirect virus. Read more…


Apple’s iOS Global AD Impression Share Far Exceeds Android

According to the latest report released by ad-buying platform and mobile investigation agency – DSP Adfonic, Apple’s iOS will defeat Android again with absolute advantage, and becomes the world’s highest impression share platform in the third quarter of 2013. The iOS’s share is as high as 63%, which has rose 3% compared with the third quarter in last year.
Top platforms by impressions

Android is ranked as second which holds a share of 32%, only about half of the iOS.

And RIM (now renamed as BlackBerry), Windows Phone, Java, Symbian and other multiple mobile platforms need to contend for the remaining 5%. Besides, RIM holds a little bit more share compared with other platforms, which is at least a complete single digit about 3%. And the following Widows Phone only holds 0.9%. Read more…


Pinterest Releases Place Pins to Help Plan Trips

A new product called “Place Pins” has been lately released by Pinterest aiming to help its users (which is commonly known as pinners) to “explore” and share the things around them.

With the adoption of Foursquare’s location API (accurate position indicator), Mapbox’s map technology, the new set of tool enables pinners to obtain visual guide with map, images, and relevant information to the pins pinners add onto a new board based on location. Read more…