Hackers target toy maker VTech, make off with customer data


VTech, a company perhaps best known for its educational toys, confirmed on Saturday that they was the target of a successful data breach.

According to a statement published on VTech’s site, hackers made it to the user database for the company’s Learning Lodge – an app store of sorts specifically for VTech’s educational toys – and made off with names, email addresses, mailing addresses, encrypted passwords, and responses to those “secret” questions you have to answer in case you forget your password. According to the company, hackers also absconded with users’ IP addresses and download histories. Read more…


7 tips for using free WiFi hotspots

WiFi is more and more important in our daily life. There are more and more free WiFi Zones open in the public. Even though there are still internet ports on laptops and desktops, many people ignore them and turn to use the WiFi connection.

It is convenient to use WiFi as it doesn’t need a wire. But its stability and safety is weak. It is not surprised to read that the hackers attacked the WiFi devices to steal users’ personal information. One needs to be careful and caution to use free WiFi.

There are 7 tips to prevent yourself from being attacked via WiFi:

1. Be cautions with free WiFi hotspots

Free WiFi hotspots seem to be provided anywhere. You can connect to free WiFi no matter you sit in KFC or a normal restaurant on the roadside. It has tendency to expand the WiFi zones. It is reported that its distributions will be enlarged by 4 times.

However, most of the free WiFi accounts have high risk. With the help of a Sniffer, the hackers can steal the personal information from the WiFi connected users, such as their email addresses, account passwords and game currencies.

The best way to prevent yourself being attacked from the hackers is to use VPN as it could encrypt your typing.

2. Confirm WiFi accounts

Kaspersky claimed that more than 100 banks are attacked by hackers, and they lost at least $900 million due to the network attack. You need to be careful with your online banking account when you use free WiFi. Please confirm the WiFi account with the clerks before you connect the Free WiFi.

3. only open WiFi connection when is necessary

When your WiFi connection is open, it is likely to connect to some risky hotspot. Please make sure you close the WiFi feature before you leave the free WiFi zone, or it will automatically connect to the WiFi next time you come back.

4. Open the firewall

Firewall is not only to keep the internet smooth, but also to prevent your devices from hackers attack. Unless your anti-virus program has firewall function, then you should not shut down the firewall built-in function on your computer.

5. Be cautions with unencrypted websites

All the data transfers will be spy on hackers on the unencrypted websites. One 45% of the top 100 websites are encrypted. The browsers can recognize the encrypted websites. They mark with the lock icons in front of the location bar. Even though you browse the encrypted websites, hackers still have access to steal your information when you use the public network.

6. Update security software regularly

It was reported that many branded routers exist vulnerabilities. The hackers can steal private information such as social network accounts, photos by hacking others routers. If you update your security software, it will provide you a safer environment to surf internet.

7. Reset security permissions

It is common to reset a complicated password avoid decoding by others. You can also reset security permissions. The routers only accept specific devices. The other devices will be unable to connect the internet unless it is authorized.


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Why Should We Use A VPN Service?

When it comes to privacy, NSA and alike, the term of VPN tends to do a little bit of everything — in the meantime, this results in the some starters struggling to get to the best parts that become fruitful. If you too want to protect your sensitive data and go through everything at the same time, you’d be taking a closer at this post.


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Why we need a VPN for our computers? How it works for our computer?

A VPN, is the Virtual Pirate Network, is a virtual version of a secure, physical network. It can help computers link together to share information. VPN is a helpful tool to protecting online privacy, we can easily enjoy its benefits with a VPN client software.

A site-to-site VPN uses a device which just like a gateway to connect he network in one location to another, usually connecting from a small connecting to a center connecting. It allows the remote computers to work as if they are on the same secure, local network.

The first and the most important advantage of VPN is its convenience. It’s convenient for workers to share the information when they are outside their company–at home or somewhere on business. They can access their company’s computers in the same way as the same as they are in their office. They can deal with their business no matter where they are. What they need is a VPN client software.

Another advantage of VPN is safe. VPN connection is safe, it not only can connect to the outside world over the Internet, but also can secure general Internet traffic in addition to corporate assets. It can make sure the computers, devices, and the other networks that connect to them are via encrypted tunnels. It can keep the files as a secret that to be shared by the authoritative users only.

When and what kind of people will like to use VPN usually?

First, just have mention above. The guys who have graduated from university, they would use VPN a lot to connect to a remote network for their work.

Second, companies and organizations like to use VPN to connect multiple networks together securely. It can be used for home networks also.

Third, the guys who usually use public networks would like to use VPN to protect their online privacy. Just connect to an encrypted VPN, it helps protect the passwords from capturing.

Fourth, the ones who like to visit a foreign website. If  connect to a foreign VPN, it would be much faster to visit a foreign website. It seems you are another local visitor.

As the convenience and safety of a VPN, VPN connection is popular all over the world. Is it good or bad, check it out yourselves


Tips for How to Check Out Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

There seems be a trend that more and more people have gradually joined affiliate marketing to get started to online affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, as a new member of marketing industry, offers a brand new situation to people no matter if they have known marketing or not. In addition, there is one reason for people are interested in it. It is affiliate marketing would bring high commission. However, for a better result, to have some professional knowledge of affiliate marketing and affiliate program is important.

Briefly, affiliate marketing is like a partnership, where you’re promoting work together in a mutually beneficial way. That is a harmonious situation for people can get what they want. For advertiser, somebody, publisher helps to do the brand promotion. As for publisher, he get the payment from the promotion program. It includes advertiser, publisher and program that publisher helps advertiser to promote his brand, product or service and get the payment. Sometimes, there is affiliate network being a bridge between advertiser and publisher who is also called as the affiliate at that time.

In reality, affiliate marketing is much easier than most people think. Nowadays, plenty of businessmen intends to promote their brand on the Internet, besides the traditional media promotion. It is because that putting advertisement on the Internet is much cheaper than traditional ways. Therefore, there are thousands of Internet businesses out there who are willing to pay people for doing their advertising for them. For people who are willing to have experience of affiliate marketing, without any exaggeration, cases can be easily found in a simple search on the Internet. Or people can ask some brands which are interested in directly to see if they have something to be promoted at that time. Then, if it is a deal, people could make some easy money for getting others to visit their site or make a purchase.

In addition, there are plenty of resource for people who are the beginners to know more about affiliate marketing. People can get them from the Internet directly. Some websites are the great starting points for beginners because they allow you so many other ways to earn while you are learning about affiliate marketing. Besides, some sites are also provides the surveys and paid trial offers for the new to practice. With the chances, new affiliates can try presenting offers to customers. There are many other popular sites that offer affiliate marketing programs and pay out cash commissions. With those offers they release, the affiliates can do it the actual promotion. However, it does not mean that it is a job of sales which can get it through writing something related in the blog or website. Other people who read the words may be interested in and click the links which would lead them into another site to purchase. And at the same time, the affiliates get the commission. That’s also affiliate marketing.


Special Tips to Avoid Scams in Affiliate Marketing

In recent time, there is a trend that is more and more people choose to join affiliate marketing. Therefore, some problems have gradually taken place. For instance, as affiliate marketing becoming popular, a few criminals have made up affiliate marketing scams to defraud illegal money. For those new beginners, they can not make out scams easily who would loss money without any preparation. It is advisable for people who intend to join affiliate marketing that they should be cautious to choose affiliate programs or networks. Before their final decision, it should have a related research in advanced. Here would be some tips for people to have a reference.

Firstly, a real affiliate program does not have any fee. In general, affiliate marketing program costs nothing to join and the only way you get paid is if you make a sale or reach the traffic mission. Then, a legitimate affiliate program would not charge the money called membership fee. In some cases, some of affiliate programs claim that it needs a set-up fee or offer to sells a website to market with. It is no doubt that there is a scam that is no need to think about the future cooperation. In a word, becoming an affiliate, is absolutely free. Any additional fee is the scam which should keep away from.

Then, the easiest way to avoid falling for these scams is to educate yourself and look for warning signs. Learn the basics of affiliate marketing before making the decision to get involved with affiliate marketing. Feel free to take full advantage of free resource which is reputable that is useful to guide your choice and actions. For example, some bloggers would put their experience online to share and discuss with others. Or some advertisers will release information on their website. In addition, the reviews of those affiliate programs sometimes may be helpful a lot. Remember to seek reviews and look closely at them, especially before purchase. Keep the eyes on the edge of information. There is a recommendation of Offerde who is an information center but also good partner of affiliate marketing.

In addition, the biggest way to avoid scams is not to let yourself be overexcited by the hype people like to use when describing potential income as an affiliate marketer. People should know that anyone can make a very successful and lucrative career out of affiliate marketing. Most people who attempt it will not make a very successful and lucrative career out of affiliate marketing. Because of the truth, people should be involved in this industry, affiliate marketing which is worthy enough. Tons of people search the success in it, however it is not everyone can get it, which is also a cruel reality. Just go for it with effort and energy. Believe that it will be rewarded by good performance. Good luck.


Tips for Brand New Beginners of Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, there seems be a trend that is to start an online business, almost affiliate marketing. For parts of people, they are really willing to have a trial on this new industry and do some research before. But some people, they just want to a in-style person who is catching the fashion even in work. However, affiliate marketing is a job for people who is serious to run it and earn money from it. Of course, some are interested in it that it is the reason why they get started to affiliate marketing regardless of earning. Thinking about that most people wants to get a satisfying result, it is advisable to do some good preparation before starting affiliate marketing. Here are some tips for the brand new beginners.

To start an affiliate marketing, it is essential to know how affiliate marketing work. In brief, affiliate marketing insists of affiliate network, advertiser and affiliate, also called publishers. The general public always acts as the affiliate. What they need to do is just taking advantage of their online space to help advertisers promote the product and service. In a word, most of the affiliates rent the existing online space to advertisers to earn profits. For advertisers, they intend to enlarge their brand effect who is willing to provide many affiliate programs to make lots of people to help them. As for affiliate network, it is a bridge to link advertisers and publishers. People can search kinds of affiliate programs in the affiliate network to join according to the commission, interest or other reasons.

One has to be mentioned, significantly, to the new affiliate marketer, how to find good affiliate programs. It can be said that affiliate program will be the most important point to lead to a success affiliate marketing. It stands for the commission in other words. One of key points, which is ignored by most people, is that affiliate marketing means relationship building. Usually, you can learn the precious lessons when you can build relationship out of your comfort zone. In addition, it is very important to know how to share. There are some tips of affiliate programs selection. To check that if the program will be quipped with considerate affiliate manager is very important. A good program should have full contact information to program descriptions and emails. The commission is significant. The affiliate should be reward for effort as well as performance. By the way, if interested in, Offerde can be a good choice.

For the new beginners, affiliate marketing may be an easygoing friend to meet. But there are some details to be focused if people want to make good result. There is none a profound instruction to guide everything. People should learn and improve from the real practice. No matter what target before starting affiliate marketing, it is advisable to make efforts on it. After all, only to make efforts on some thing can you see that the reality of it. So do affiliate marketing. Get started to affiliate marketing now!


Lenovo will lay off 3,200 non-productive workers as PC sales cut down

There are always competition either between the enterprises or between the employees. Lenovo Group reported in its first quarterly financial report, it will continue to improve productive efficiency and cut down the unnecessarily expenses as it faces the sales drop rapidly for personal PC and commercial PC.

Therefore, Lenovo plans to cut down about 3,200 non-productive workers on a global scale. This number takes up 10 % of its non-productive workers and 5 % of 60,000 global workers.

The above measures would help Lenovo to save $650 million for its second half financial expenses. And it could save $1.35 billion for an annually fiscal expenses.

From the figures that Lenovo reported in its 2015-2016 first quarterly financial report, its earnings reach $10.7 billion. Comparing to the same period in last year, its revenue increased 3%. The net profit of income for shareholders reaches $105 million. It dropped 51% in comparison to the same period in previous year.

During the first quarter, there was a sale of 13.5 million personal computers which dropping 7.1% over the same period of previous year.

Motorola made a contribution of 5.9 million handsets for Lenovo’s total smartphone sales, which reducing 31% over the same period in previous year.

Lenovo takes up 5.6% of market share in tablet PC market, by increasing 3.8% that coming to the sales of 2.5 million tablets.

To increase the whole business revenues on the rails, the Group will carry out the following measures:

1> it will establish mobile business group(MBG).Make full use of the complementary advantage of Motorola and Levono. Simplify its products, reduce its product’s quantities and enhance its product’s differentiation.

2> the enterprise should focus on the tech resource and adjust its positioning before targeting the market segments.

3> avail of the opportunity of integrated PC industry and make specific targets to increase its market share by 30%.

4> enhance the working efficiency of all functional departments.


Tips for Getting Started to Make Money Online

Have you ever heard that there is an emerging industry, make money online. What is different from traditional business in some degrees also can be classified into business. In short, it really is an online business. Online business can be treated as which people take full advantage of the Internet to fulfill our daily life. Online business sill includes several parts, like online direct sales, affiliate market and so on. Here, we would like to discuss making money online with affiliate marketing. Therefore, the tips for getting started to make money online is following.

Initially, we should know something about affiliate marketing. To know it, it just needs to know affiliate network, affiliate offer and affiliate member n major. First, affiliate marketing is a financial way to make your online space monetize which is to sale your online space to advertisers for their product promotion. So, it needs affiliate network, offer. An affiliate network, seems like a platform to provides commercial information and support service for your affiliate marketing, like Offerde. An affiliate offer is what people can directly earn profits from. If people have join some affiliate network, they become affiliate members of the network.

The affiliate offer, we mainly focus on CPA offer. CPA stands for Cost Per Action, including such models as CPL and CPS. In CPL, L means Lead; meanwhile, S means Sales in CPS. In a word, CPL is to register or submit some information in the website. CPS is to buy some goods. To get started to make money online with affiliate marketing, the first step is to build up the online space, the website or blog with personal domain. Then, what new online businessman would do is taking full advantage of traffic to attract targeted consumers. Once they come to advertisers’ sites and finish the given steps, submission or purchase, affiliate partners can earn some commission from advertisers.

To join a suitable network, select good affiliate offer is as significant as to build up a site. The first point of testing is to see how about the payment. A good affiliate network is able to offer affiliates a relatively high payment. Inevitably, referral commission is necessary but differs in different networks. Revenue is what we want firstly when we think about to start a business! Then, various of offers seems one of elements of a good affiliate network. The wide range of offers can maximum encourage affiliates to increase productivity. a network which is worthy to join would better to be equipped with considerate support service. In many cases, those best affiliate networks, provide their affiliates with considerate support. To follow this guide, freshmen can easily find that if one network is suitable or not.

Thanks to the surging development of the Internet, not only bringing life convenience but more financial chance. Only to go into action can learn how to make money online really. Generally speaking, making money online with CPA network is easy that most people can handle, if running in a right track. Just start it, making money online! Good luck!


How to Run a Successful Online Business

Nowadays, running a business is not so strange like the years before. Some people usually treat their business as a full-time job. In reality, business can be classified into two parts, traditional mode and new mode business. Traditional mode can be widely seen in our daily life, direct sell the real product. The new one has gradually come to our eyes in these years, online business. Of course, within online business, there is the part of direct-selling. But what we pay our more attention on another part, affiliate marketing. In a word, running a new online business, in most cases, means to run an online business with affiliate marketing. As for this new mode business, how can we run it as a successful one.

As we all know, to run a business, no matter the traditional one or the new one, needs many aspects to work together. Before starting an online business with affiliate marketing, there are plenty of essential elements to be good prepared. In the first priority, you should know what is affiliate marketing and how does it run as a business. In brief, in affiliate marketing, you are the partner of those advertisers. You sale something which is your online space but not real product to the advertisers to promote their products or services. At the same time, your website or blog can realize marketing or monetize. So, an existing website or blog is necessary. If there has a sum of traffic already, it will equip you with more competitiveness.

Then, you must do a lot of market research to collect those information why other people can get into success. It must be in a highly praise on the time, knowledge and considerable effort to be put in the affiliate marketing. One has to mentioned, in the first time to get to know affiliate marketing, people would rather treat it as a part-time job. Not only because its flexibility, it is wise to do not plan on quitting the full-time job right away. Making an agreement with a suitable affiliate partner seems significant to freshmen, the experienced too. In the first case, with the assist of good affiliate partner to provide with excellent affiliate offers, people can be successful much easier. For the experienced, with the partnership of good partner, it will mean that there will be plenty of offers, not just the amount, but many available series to be select as what you like. having a success beginning, freshman will develop confidence in this sector. Offerde, may be your initial choice.

Mentioned above, knowledge should be put in your own business. That is to say you should think much how to run it. For example, it is advisable to provide content on your home page. Then, choosing some text links, because it seems that text links are better than image links in converting. The elements to get success are endless to mention here. But everyone should know that there is no reason you couldn’t make money with an online affiliate marketing. Just feel free to have a try. Good luck.